Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Annona plant family

Re-reading about soursop, and glad to find out that buah nona or sweetsop or scientific name annona squamosa is also part of annona plant family. Since soursop is hard to get, this sweetsop will be a great substitute. I can't wait to go home this weekend - my mom's nona is riping on the tree. I hope it's still there if the monkeys don't eat it...

Kind of busy this past few weeks and the stress makes my BP go up that I now have to take medication to control it. One tablet of 10mg Amlong at night does the trick but I'm looking for other substitute so that I don't have to depend of this medication throughout my life. Tasted buah tunjuk langit or mahogany recently but can't stand the bitterness of it - more bitter than apricot seed. Probably I'll get it in a capsule form.

My other worries - the radiation from Japan's nuclear reactor. I have friends and relatives staying there and pity them that they are exposed to the radiation. But how can we be sure that the radiation won't get here? Maybe the authorities can control the fruits and vegetables from Japan but what about the fish? Won't the fish at their ocean swim at our ocean? Something to ponder isn't it?

Well, we have to consume more soursops or sweetsops then...

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