Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Al-Fatihah to my friend's sis

My friend sent me a text this morning to inform about her sister who passed away last Friday of BC stage 4. I blogged about her last April, apparently she did not last long even though she had several series of chemo, as the cancer has spread to her lung. Few days prior to her death, she was on oxygen support.

One of her daughters is now suspected of having an active cancer cells as there is a lump in her breast. Wow, this is kind of scary! Maybe I should review my current condition. As for my latest alternative treatment, so far it has not shown any drastic improvement yet. But the scanning method has found other problems on other organs which I presume if it is not treated would be the next target for my cancer cells. Those are the thyroid, upper back, large intestine and my gallbladder which has shrunked. I'm not surprised as way back in my early years, I often had pain at the abdomen - wind, gastrics and of related. Hopefully by six months all of these will be cleared through this alternative treatment. As for my Qur'an recital, it's at Juz 28 now, quite a speed as my best record was when I was performing my Haj.

Talking about Haj, another friend of mine has just returned from performing her Haj and she brought back for me Morhabshi (Myrrh) - never heard of if but as I googled, I found that there is a therapeutic value of it too. Known as kemenyan bunian to the malays, more info copied here from wiki:

“Myrrh is the dried oleo gum resin of a number of Commiphora species of trees. Like frankincense, it is produced by the tree as a reaction to a purposeful wound through the bark and into the sapwood. The trees are bled in this way on a regular basis. The principal species is Commiphora myrrha, which is native to Yemen, Somalia, and the eastern parts of Ethiopia.”

How do I take it? I can either swallow a tiny bit (the size of pepper seed) or mix a raisin size of Morhabshi into hot water and drink when it's cooled. Since it’s available already, I should give it a try, who knows it would be good for me as I strongly believe that everyone has a unique chemical reaction in his or her body; what works on me may not work on you and vice versa.

Somebody left a comment on my blog, pointing to videos of treating cancer with vitamin C. I am tempted to try too. The vitamin C is infused directly into the vein for the body to generate hydrogen peroxide which is believed to kill that cancer cells. As I googled, over here, vit C treatment is often used for better skin complexion and for having glowy appearance. Maybe I should try this too. I can get two effects at one time – kill the cancer cells and have a glowy complexion as well :-)

I have yet to try the apricot kernel, the source of B17 which can also cure cancer. Yesterday I accidentally watch the repeat of Halal Bio on Astro Oasis about the B17. Well, could this be a sign for me to take the B17? I’ve been wanting to go to MAHA to get a good deal of the apricot kernel, so far has not materialized. Actually we tried to visit MAHA last Sunday but the crowd was unbelievable and we ended up in Putrajaya. I have one more chance to go tomorrow but then again, my supervisor is coming for a visit next week and I have lots to prepare for the meeting…

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Alhamdulillah, another birthday…

A bit uneasy about the number? 44 or “Si Si” in chinese language means mati or dead. Too early an age to die eh? Not too soon I hope. Don’t know how true or sahih it is, but as long as we can recite the At-Taubah ayat 128-129, it’s not time for malaikat maut to get us yet. Got this from one of the comments on friend’s FB.

I’m on an alternative spiritual (prayer) treatment at this moment – on top of the zikir, it will be more effective if I could recite the whole Qur’an within 10 days. The race is on, and for this whole week, I’m working from home so that I can complete my mission. Long way to go, as I have just reached Juz 8…

Kids are not schooling today as they are off for Deepavali. The little ones are busy drawing cards for me, the boy is out looking for a gift for me and the big sister is busy in the kitchen baking cake. What a nice feeling, having someone to bake a cake for me during my birthday.

So far no news yet about the seabuckthorn that I enquired. Maybe the softgel is not suitable for muslim’s consumption anyway. Well, there are certainly other alternatives. I read in a self-healing book recently, that the bombay onion (the yellow onion) can cure cancer too. Since my PET/CT scan has detected some kind of activity at the thyroid gland, I read the book again to see the cure for it and so happen the cure is the same as for cancer which is to drink a (Turkish tea) glass (or equivalent to an eggcup full) of the yellow onion juice in the morning and evening for forty days. I have bought the Bombay onion but have no guts to try it out yet. I don’t know whether I could stand the after taste of it :-)

I’m also interested to try the boiled mixture drink of dukung anak, susu kambing, satung and cendawan susu rimau that Dr H wrote in her blog recently. I can’t find those plants to boil yet except for the cendawan susu rimau. I was googling on the satung and came across herbs by khasiat bumi prepared by the orang asli of which among the ingredient are cendawan susu rimau and satung. Since it’s now a rainy season, the product is out of stock. Looking forward to it and hope that it will be available soon. They also produce the herbs for slimming which I would love to try too. Being overweight is the culprit, inviting variety of sickness, so, stay slim my friends…