Friday, February 3, 2012

What to eat?

Recently I had a request from a friend whose sister-in-law's niece is suspected of having cancer. The question is - what to eat? I thought I'd post it here to benefit others as well. Like it or not, cancer is a chronic metabolic disease. We are what we eat, therefore, we must change our food intake. Eat fresh food, avoid processed food, avoid dairy products, avoid sugar,& take lots of anti-oxidants. What are those? I think we can google search by ourselves eh...By the way, a recent visit to the alternative practitioners, they forbid me from taking chicken, egg and banana until I'm cured. Why chicken? We pretty well know eh the live of a chicken is 45 days before they are slaughtered. Wah, so fast huh! surely there are lot of growth hormone being injected. When we eat the chicken, coincidently we consume the growth hormone too. Our cancer cells become very happy :-)

Besides food intake, we must also make sure our BMI is within a normal range. When I was diagnosed my BMI was really over the normal range but now, with lots of pantang, my BMI is now at a normal range.

How to get a normal BMI? Well, surely we must eat less, and exercise. I've just started joining aerobic at the office and have already planned with a few friends to resume swimming at our uni's pool. But then again if you prefer less stranious exercise, yoga or taichi could be the other alternatives.

Lastly, lead a happy life, reduce stress and insya'Allah we will be alright...

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Musang king - you got me!

I was in quite a severe pain this week because of this culprit - musang king, the yellow flesh durian that is very rich and creamy, courtesy of my neighbour :-) Can't sleep at night because the thing throbbed really bad that I had to take pain killer to doze me off.

Well, I actually have been having durian since last week, the trees back in my hometown bare some fruits and I cannot resist looking at the king of fruit! I'm going back home again this weekend, but this time, I promise not to take any :-) Boy it was really painful. When I look back, durian is one of the forbidden item to consume while I'm on Sabah Snake Grass. Padan muka ku - langgar pantang!

Usually when I have had durian, I also drink the fresh hempedu bumi tea just to neutralize the sweetness. Unfortunately, when I had the durian at home here, there was no hempedu bumi tea to take. My hempedu bumi that grew wild in my garden pot, has been destroyed by the guy who cleared my garden recently. As the remedy, I just boil the soursop leaves and drink it as and when, and make sure I bring some to the office too. It works and the pain is now manageable.

What an experience at the end of 2011...2012 is coming, wishing everyone who reads this blog a prosperous and a happy new year. 2011 was quite a good year, hoping for a better 2012, Insya'Allah...

Monday, November 28, 2011

Ample supply of Sabah Snake Grass

A friend has just called that he has ample supply of Sabah Snake Grass in his nursery. This is a very good news to me as my SSG are still growing and the leaves are still young. The matured leaves seem to work for me based on my experience taking them. My friend has ample of it now in this rainy season, real big leaves which are ready for harvest. To those in Klang Valley area who would like a supply of fresh leaves at a very minimal cost (upah petik:-), do contact me at 019-2287366. Not only that the SSG is good to treat cancer, it can also be used to treat those with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high uric acid and diabetes. So why not give it a try...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankful for another birthday

Alhamdulillah, I get to see 45 :-) Hope for many more years to come with good health of course. I've been busy lately with teaching loads, some shootings (as I appeared in Wanita Hari Ini (TV3) recently and will appear in Nona soon) and managing the kids who were supposed to go for surgery last month but postponed til next week.

Health wise, manageable. Felt a bit of pain lately after I had hempedu bumi blended with green apple recently. Came to know that the hempedu bumi is also call Indian Snake Grass, the cousin of Sabah Snake Grass that I've been taking :-) As for the pain, it shows that the treatment is responding. Soon the lump will get smaller and smaller and will be totally gone. At least I dreamt about it last night!

Have to pen off now to go out and celebrate...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Go green

It has been almost two months since my previous entry. Well, actually I wrote one during fasting month but it did get published. Just to mention that it was a blissful Ramadhan, fasting at ease, praying at ease too. The best part is that I lost 4 kg and my BMI is now at the normal range.

Raya was a good one too. Our theme this year is 'green'. In line with going back to nature, growing greens, eating greens :-)

Raya is almost over, semester has already started and I'm back to normal life - teaching and finishing off my thesis. And at the same time, still fighting with the big 'C'.

I went to Pasar Tani Shah Alam two weeks back and glad to find the Sabah Snake Grass - very healthy and bushy plant and I grabbed 4 of them, planning to re-grow more. I revisited about SSG in the net and guess what, some do advise to just chew the leaves! I'd be like kambing (goat) soon :-) For the sake of getting better, I don't mind. But I like it better by drinking the blended SSG with green apple which reminds me, I'm out of green apple and I should drop by at the pasar malam here to get some.

Had breakfast with friends this morning and when chatting about health, they were amazed on how relax I'm when I told them that I felt another lump near my armpit. Well, as long as I'm ok, and I'm taking what I should to get rid of it, I need not worry about it. Besides, I haven't gone for my scan to check whether it's cancerous or not. I guess it's time to really go green eh!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Admitted into Hospital Ramadhan

Welcome Ramadhan! Heard in the radio yesterday about embracing Ramadhan – it is as if we are admitted into Hospital Ramadhan. Take all the opportunity and grab as much as possible. I’m thankful that I can still fast at ease and perform tarawikh at ease too. I still go to the same masjid where the imam recites 30 juz of the Al-Qur’an. This time I bring along a bottle of plain water and let the cap open during the prayer time. Drinking the water that has been recited with Al-Qur’an is therapeutic too. In addition, it’s indeed a good 2 hour exercise and hopefully the lump will shrink and will totally be gone by raya time…