Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Go green

It has been almost two months since my previous entry. Well, actually I wrote one during fasting month but it did get published. Just to mention that it was a blissful Ramadhan, fasting at ease, praying at ease too. The best part is that I lost 4 kg and my BMI is now at the normal range.

Raya was a good one too. Our theme this year is 'green'. In line with going back to nature, growing greens, eating greens :-)

Raya is almost over, semester has already started and I'm back to normal life - teaching and finishing off my thesis. And at the same time, still fighting with the big 'C'.

I went to Pasar Tani Shah Alam two weeks back and glad to find the Sabah Snake Grass - very healthy and bushy plant and I grabbed 4 of them, planning to re-grow more. I revisited about SSG in the net and guess what, some do advise to just chew the leaves! I'd be like kambing (goat) soon :-) For the sake of getting better, I don't mind. But I like it better by drinking the blended SSG with green apple which reminds me, I'm out of green apple and I should drop by at the pasar malam here to get some.

Had breakfast with friends this morning and when chatting about health, they were amazed on how relax I'm when I told them that I felt another lump near my armpit. Well, as long as I'm ok, and I'm taking what I should to get rid of it, I need not worry about it. Besides, I haven't gone for my scan to check whether it's cancerous or not. I guess it's time to really go green eh!

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