Thursday, December 29, 2011

Musang king - you got me!

I was in quite a severe pain this week because of this culprit - musang king, the yellow flesh durian that is very rich and creamy, courtesy of my neighbour :-) Can't sleep at night because the thing throbbed really bad that I had to take pain killer to doze me off.

Well, I actually have been having durian since last week, the trees back in my hometown bare some fruits and I cannot resist looking at the king of fruit! I'm going back home again this weekend, but this time, I promise not to take any :-) Boy it was really painful. When I look back, durian is one of the forbidden item to consume while I'm on Sabah Snake Grass. Padan muka ku - langgar pantang!

Usually when I have had durian, I also drink the fresh hempedu bumi tea just to neutralize the sweetness. Unfortunately, when I had the durian at home here, there was no hempedu bumi tea to take. My hempedu bumi that grew wild in my garden pot, has been destroyed by the guy who cleared my garden recently. As the remedy, I just boil the soursop leaves and drink it as and when, and make sure I bring some to the office too. It works and the pain is now manageable.

What an experience at the end of 2011...2012 is coming, wishing everyone who reads this blog a prosperous and a happy new year. 2011 was quite a good year, hoping for a better 2012, Insya'Allah...

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