Friday, July 1, 2011

Another alternative - Herbs based

My friend sent me a text message to find out how I was doing. She was a bit down and almost giving up with the alternative option; her lump at times shrunk and at times gets bigger. She got frustrated when the lump gets bigger especially nearing to menstrual. Well, it should be because the cancer cells are lavish with the estrogens isn’t it? Easy way out – take out the lump and the ovaries. But then again, what for…

Actually my friend was intimidated by the words of a blogger in her recent post. Well, I told her if she is not happy with it, just don’t read. We are free to write what we want, and we are free to read what we want. If we don’t like it, by all means, don’t read it. It’s a free country and we are free to choose what treatment we prefer. Personally I don’t like to go to the hospital for treatment. My BP can easily go up and I feel really stressed when I’m at the hospital. Stress is certainly not good for the cancer. When I go and see the alternative practitioner, they talk happily, act happily and usually very encouraging that it can be cured. This will certainly send positive vibes to the brain and who knows it leads to self-healing.

I recently went to another alternative practitioner who uses herbs for treatment. I came across him through a blogger who recently lost her sister to BC (who happened to be my friends’ colleague in another university). She just met this practitioner and not sure whether her sis got to meet him. This practitioner is a pensioner now (used to work in the local university) who, based on his knowledge on herbs has prepared medications to cure many ailments including cancer. I was prescribed capsules to be taken during night time and caplets to be taken in the morning. The night one is to kill the cancer cells. I don’t swallow the capsule and instead, take it out and mix with water and drink. It doesn’t taste bad and it has a bit of celery taste in it. The caplets taken in the morning is to clean the blood, small and easily swallowed and has a nice smell too. It has been three days since I took it, too early to tell but I think it’s responding well. The lump feels smaller and less throbbing. On top of it I still take the cendawan susu rimau by mixing it with my coffee and blended juice. My Sabah Snake Grass is growing and I’m going to let it grow more leaves before I harvest them.

Be it alternative or conventional treatment, we all are going to die anyway and it’s written somewhere there but we never know when and in what condition. The point is we have to be prepared at all times. Fasting month is coming and it’s a good avenue to pray for longer and healthier years. I’m fortunate that I have five kids that always pray for my good health of which two are special ones. God will answer to their prayers and I’ll be around until all of them are independent. In the meantime, I’m grateful of my condition now; even though I have cancer, I am at par with those who are free of cancer and in fact better that those who suffer other diseases like SLE, arthritis and so on. I feel good, I’m free to do whatever I want, go wherever I want at ease, eat well and sleep well too. And at the point of writing, I’m looking forward to our reunion (ex-secondary schoolmates) tomorrow, surely there will be lots of giggles and we certainly will be like kids again…

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