Sunday, December 5, 2010

Al-Fatihah to my primary school friend

Another friend passed away last weekend of BC. She was my ex-primary school friend and I haven't seen her since I left primary school. I got the news from my ex-classmate, had I known earlier, I would have gone and visit as I was at my hometown during the weekend. My friend has no idea of when arwah was diagnosed with BC. All the she knew, arwah has no kids of her own and had three adopted children.

Thinking of arwah, I'm thankful of what I have - I have the facilities as well as the knowledge as to how to make myself better - my ceragem, my internet and the things that I could afford to buy or to consume.

I have started taking the apricot seed that my sister bought from MAHA last week. It doesn't taste that bad although it's a bit bitter, I can just snack the seeds around 5 at a go, several times a day. So far so good, no throbbing feeling. On top of it, last week I brought the ragi for tapai, and so happen my mum's ubi kayu or carsava is ready for harvest, and I now have plenty of tapai ubi to enjoy...

Will be going back to my hometown again this weekend, hunting for jelawat. My husband has learned a technique to catch the fish last weekend and eager to try it this weekend. In the meantime, I should go and finish off my work, my supervisor is visiting this Wednesday...

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