Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Busy juggling

It has been three months since my last post. I am perfectly fine; a bit busy though, juggling with my glass balls. Earlier on busy with cousins’ and neice’s weddings, daughter entering foundation and of late, mum admitted to the hospital for heart problem.

It’s obvious for bloggers, when the blog is not updated for quite some time, one might think that the blogger has moved to another world. It was what happened to the blog that I have always followed – one breast bouncing, am so touched with the demise of the blogger early this week, Innalillah and rest in peace D, you will always be remembered.

Rest assured, I’m perfectly fine; if I’m not, I could not be driving/admitting my mum to the hospital on emergency at the wee hours of the morning – 3.00 am in the morning! I’ve been commuting to the hospital everyday for almost a month now and of course my BP goes up from time to time but I’m monitoring it and taking whatever is necessary to reduce it – hempedu bumi, mahkota dewa and soursop. As far I can stand, I won’t take the modern medicine for fear that I might end up on the same bed at the same hospital as my mum. She is actually diagnosed with tachy-brady syndrome, her natural pacemaker has gone haywire, causing her heart to beat slowly at times, and very fast at other times and sometimes stops for a few seconds. She had an artificial pacemaker installed and in a recovering mode, hopefully be discharged soon. I made my own conclusion that she had too much of medications – for her BP, osteoarthritis, and constant abdominal pain which I guess affects certain function of her heart.

About my cancer, I don’t even feel any throbbing at any parts of my body anymore. My recent discovery – baking powder and honey, has helped controlling it. I ever post in my blog last year that an alternative cure for it is baking powder and the usual practice is to inject it to the lump. Recently I came to know that some consume it by mixing it with maple syrup. Since I don’t have maple syrup here, I replace it with my tualang honey. Every morning I’d mix once teaspoon of honey to a mug of plain water, and add a quarter teaspoon of baking powder to it, stir it well and drink it. Cancer cells are anaerobic, they cannot live in a rich oxygen condition. By taking honey and baking powder, initially the cancer cells are happy to receive the sweets (from the honey) but the oxygen from baking powder will certainly destroy the cancer cells.

My mum’s recent experience has triggered that I need to take care of my heart too. I had an email recently about the alternative treatment to keep our heart healthy. One cup of lemon juice, once cup of garlic, one cup of ginger, and one cup of apple vinegar, mix them together and heat them up on a moderate heat for half and hour. When it is cooled, mix it with 3 cups of honey, keep it in a bottle and take one tablespoon before breakfast. If there is any blockage, it will certainly clear off. No need for angiography or bypass. Infact, I met my colleague at the hospital who has just had her angiogram and her heart is clear. Two months back she was admitted for short breath and she tried this alternative treatment on top of her Transfer factor and Q10. Don’t know which one makes her heart better, but if there is a cheaper option, why waste…

Below is my latest pic, with my mum. Do I look healthy? I'm and it's the mindset that I should put in, as I'll be flying off to UK soon for conference. Fasting month is around the corner and I'm really looking forward to it!

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